Anti-Gravity Decompression Inversion Yoga Trapeze

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An inversion an asana in which the head is below the heart. Clearly, inversions can give us all a new perspective. 

 * Contraindications: Do not practice inversions if you suffer from non medicated high blood pressure, some heart conditions, neck injuries, recent stroke, detached retina, glaucoma, and epilepsy. Talk with your doctor and teacher if you are unsure about your status.


1 · Inversions reverse the blood flow in the body and improve circulation - get more oxygen to your brain! 

2 · Increase immunity and prevent illnesses - inversions stimulate the lymphatic system, helping it eliminate toxins more easily.

3 · Energize - Get more blood moving to the brain and enjoy physical and mental rejuvenation. 

4 · Relax - calm your nervous system, thereby activating the parasympathetic nervous system and producing feelings of balance and calm.

5 · Improve Your Balance - keep your practice interesting and challenging.

6 · Integrate Core Strength with upper body strength

7 · Build Confidence - developing these skills helps integrate physical and mental confidence and flows over into other aspects of your life. 

8 · Stay Humble - there is always more to learn.

9 · It is Fun! Learn through play, like children do.


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