Wellsem Flying Yoga Swing Hammock

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Flying Yoga is a unique practice incorporating elements of whole movement, fun, yoga, dance and trapeze! It allows access to poses which might otherwise be reserved for master yogis and allows yogis to extend their postures, offer a a fuller range of motion, deeper awareness, and in many cases, body healing effects.

According to http://yogauthority.org, "Wellsem’s 100% nylon hammock can hold up to 2000 pounds, far more than many of their competitors. That probably explains the Wellsem’s price tag, which is a bit higher than some others on this list. The silk is quite large at 5.5 yards by 3 yards, and it has a fair amount of stretch, unlike some other hammocks which are more rigid and inflexible. This product comes with the daisy chains and carabiners you’ll need to hang it.

Color is never the most critical factor when it comes to purchasing a yoga hammock. But it doesn’t hurt to have some fashionable options. Wellsem has by far the widest range of color options for its swings. You can choose from 12 different shades, including a royal gold, bright yellow, lime green, cherry pink, and silver.

The Wellsem is well-made and matches the quality of the hammocks you might find in a yoga studio. "

Material: 100% Nylon
Width: 2.8m
Weight: Can carry up to 1,000kg or 2,000 pounds

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