Green Tinted Thick Lens Rimless Glasses

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Validated Scientific Research has shown how GREEN LIGHT SUPPORTS MIGRAINE RELIEF.

Click here for a short explanation and here for a more detailed scientific explanation of how it works.

You can use your Green LED Strip at home, but when you are out and about, these green tinted glasses make a great back-up to minimise the imnpact until you are able to get home.

You will also enjoy the added soothing benefit of 100% UV protection.

Lenses Optical Attribute: Photochromic, UV400
Lens Height: 55mm
Lens Width: 60mm
Product Function: 100% UV400 Protection Against Harmful UVA/UVB Rays
Hinges: Reinforced Metal Hinges
Package: 1 Glasses, 1 Pouch, 1 Lens Cloth