Young Minds and Meditation

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Convincing your child to meditate may be a daunting task. But, the benefits your child will find through meditation will quickly prove to be worth the challenge.

Meditation for young minds helps children build concentration and focus, and so much more. It helps develop creativity and imagination, builds confidence, develops inner silence and calmness, develops mental sharpness, helps restore emotional balance, and is excellent for health and well-being.

Young Minds are Inspired by Example

The best way to inspire your child to meditate is to lead by example. Children are curious to explore what their parents are doing! Here are a few more suggestions from PsychCentral that may help you convince your child to meditate.

    • Allow them to create a calm corner in their room.  Make sure the colors are soothing as opposed to stimulating – light blues and greens are the most calming.  Buy them a cool eye masks from Target for $1.00 so they get some help closing their eyes.  Take them to find a special rock or stick that they think is neat and can place on their ‘altar.’  Create a tie die or Disney or sports pillow case they can sit on during their practice.
    • Find out if the child’s heroes meditate.  Ask them to find out for you.  Show them all the ‘cool people’ they admire that meditate.
    • Make sure to do it at a time when they are their calmest.  Maybe when they wake up?  Or perhaps after they are done with school and need a rest?  Definitely avoid times where they are their most energetic and excited.

Teaching young minds to meditate is a step toward supporting our children’s emotional growth. It will provide them early in life with skills that will be essential as an adult.

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