Yoga Camp – Day 14

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Go With The Flow. Yoga Camp Vinyasa. Or – Yoga For Control Freaks. Or Yoga For Stubborn People. 30 min yoga workout for the mind and body. Welcome heat, move with your breath and get your heart rate going! This fierce practice welcomes transformation. Beginners (and everyone) take breaks and meet your boundaries – don’t push beyond. Everyone, balance with a cool down and a connect to your mantra.

You have heard it before. Go With The Flow. You try with all your might. But, how does it go? Tools of yoga camp to the rescue! Develop full body awareness, practice being present and listening to the body in a way in which you can practice going with the flow. Take it off the mat and into your every day. Can you listen before you react? What does it feel like to release your grip and go with the flow. Meet your edge mindfully. Enjoy!

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YOGA CAMP – Downloadable Collection We received a lot of requests for a downloadable version of the YOGA CAMP videos. (Yay!) It’s by donation so just pay what feels good. Click Here for Details!

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