Yoga Camp – Day 11

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The hard part is getting to the mat. If you are reading this then you are so close! Hop on the mat for a strong and healing practice. This one is full of home practice gems! The mantra today is I Release. Let go of that which is no longer serving you. Release tension through asana and pranayama. Create space for fresh energy. Practice loosening up. Release your grip on the things you cannot control. Have a sweet conversation with your deep breath. Come on now, let’s take advantage of today’s powerful mantra. Full body practice with lots of opportunity to detox as well as loosen up and let go. Includes one of my favorite Kundalini Yoga gems! Enjoy! Stay curious! Accept where you are today and Find What Feels Good.

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YOGA CAMP – Downloadable Collection We received a lot of requests for a downloadable version of the YOGA CAMP videos. (Yay!) It’s by donation so just pay what feels good. Click Here for Details!

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