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Hi everyone,

This week I write you from home where I have forced myself to stay put for the day in an effort to rest and recoup from a nasty case of bronchitis.


This time, I fought against feeling bad for a little too long, didn’t take proper care of myself and then before I knew it I was sick as a dog and everything seemed to be a nightmare spiraling out of control.

I went from strong, grounded yogi to lonely old bag in a day’s time!

So this week I have decided to send you a letter chock-full of my own wellness tips for the modern yogi.

These offerings can be stored in your back pocket for a rainy day or for when your own immunity is down. They can assist you in getting better fast and surrendering rather than entering the nightmare I just did. (Yes, I am human and spiral out into nightmare land from time to time too.)

These tips can also be practiced or used as preventative care. They may inspire you to think outside, inside and all around the box when it comes to self-healing. Listen to your body. Be your own advocate.

Don’t wait till it is spiraling out of control before you settle in for a little Wellness Gone Wild.

Here we go!

1. Listen and surrender. Already mentioned above. This is important. If you have an awesome relationship with the practice of listening to your body you can detect signs of low immunity early and catch it with consciousness on the onset. Say that five times fast. We can of course apply this to the emotional body as well. Yoga is a great tool for fine tuning the craft of listening. A bitchin tool in self-healing right off the bat.

2. Affirmations. Try them. The mind is so powerful and so are your words. I share some thoughts on this in Yoga For When You Are Sick. Practice My immune system works perfectly” while you rest in bed. Or mute your commercials and do it then. Or while you bathe. (If you are a person who bathes.) This week I practiced, “I breathe full and easy. My body is amazing.” WHY NOT? I chanted it to myself in between coughing fits. It was frustrating for sure. But the mind is so powerful. Heal thyself! Stay conscious. Try to avoid the “I want to die” and “no one cares about me being sick” talk. It is not true and your body is listening.

3. Neti Pot. Is. What. Is. UP.  I have been meaning to do a neti pot video for you for quite some time. I’m sure it will be hilarious. The neti pot is an excellent tool for preventative care. It can be a little daunting at first but once you get the hang of a nasal cleanse… oooowheee! You won’t ever go back…

4. Dosha do’s and don’ts. In the coming year I plan to share more Ayurvedic talk and studies with you. But for now, whether you are familiar with your body type/dosha or not – consider everything. Sometimes watching or staring at a TV screen for 6 hours can be zapping for the system. While it is good to take a day off when you are sick – do listen to see if after 4 straight episodes of The Killing you are feeling calm and rejuvenated. Take a break from your screens if you can. I go all the way. I light a candle (or two) for myself. Read or listen to some healing mantras. I suggest Mantras For Precarious Times. One of my go to playlists on my Spotify too – where you can find it for free. Healing jams. You can do some gentle yoga to them too.

5. Fluids. Seems like a no brainer but I fear we simply are not drinking enough water. I know I am not. I used to be so good at drinking water. Wha happened? So, now, you’re sick and dehydrated. No good. Drink lots of water.
Avoid sugar, coffee, wine and whiskey shots.
A very kind and beautiful person made this for me at the coffee shop near my house. I then went and got the ingredients to make my own. It is a great and natural expectorant. It’s healing agents are also magic and mysterious – just like yoga.

6. Vitamins. Yes, I try to make it my mission in these letters to not write a bunch of stuff you already know – or that you can readily find on Huffington Post. However, do take your healthy doses on the onset. I like to take Wellness Formula when I start to feel yucky.

More importantly, make sure you are getting vitamin rich foods into your body every damn day. This is the best preventative care. I made a fresh and nutritious veggie soup last night with some comforting basmati rice.  It was what my body was craving all weekend.

Focus on what is comforting. Work with what you got. I also made a baller Mishlerstrone last week. As promised, you can find that recipe here. I’m not normally a minestrone gal  – but this version definitely comforts my bones.

7. Yoga. Duh.

But really, who wants to do yoga when they are sick? Not me! But oh, if I can get myself to turn off the screens and take a deep healing breath. It is so worth it.

Sick time yoga can be dropping some eucalyptus oil in the hot shower (HEYO!) and doing a little safe yoga in there. I do that. I also like to do a little bedtime yoga. Or, as mentioned above, blast those mantras or your favorite healing music and get on the mat. Remember, it’s all connected baby. Heal yourself from the inside out. Find What Feels Good yoga.  Use this opportunity to cleanse out the demons and remember, the come back is the best part! Bouncing back from being ill is like rebirth. Enjoy this as is shows up in your practice.

So those are my 7 salacious tips for Wellness Gone Wild!

It’s like the 7 deadly sins – but the opposite.

Let me know what you think! I invite you to share your own tips for self-healing and wellness DOWN BELOW!

Take good care!



PS: Here is my Yoga For Healing playlist. I plan to grow it so keep sending in those requests! Namaste.

PPS: Here is a look at my comforting fresh veggies and rice

soup veg

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