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This post is kind of long (but there are lots of pictures). I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it. Lot’s of important stuff + a Spring REBOOT coupon.

As a part of the Yoga With Adriene family I wanted to let you know that we are going to take a short break from the regular Wednesday videos.

It will just be a week or two but I wanted to let you know as I know some of you are waiting on requests and eager for new practices for the spring season. 


Largo perro vivo BLUE!


As some of you may have read on Facebook or Instagram, we had to say goodbye to my beloved Blue dog. It was rather sudden but it turns out it was his time to pass into a new shape. 

Blue’s spirit is definitely embedded in this channel, this business, this practice. He quickly (inevitably) became the YWA mascot and often wore multiple hats at our shoots. He went from being a PA to Executive producer – fast. Even worked the camera sometimes when he was feeling creative and uninterested in the postman. 

He was smart, he was playful, he was goofy and he was loving. He was so loving. He kept me busy, active, soft, playful, goofy, loving and smiling on a daily basis. There are no words to communicate the love and joy this relationship brought me. I am so grateful. 

It is with gratitude that we move forward. We play, we laugh, we celebrate LOVE. It is not always smooth. But we embrace the practice.

It is a practice we are going for here. Not perfection.

It’s the journey that is juicy and rewarding, not the idea or ideals. This is what I want to inspire with the channel. I believe we all deserve to feel empowered enough to enjoy the practice.

Embrace and enjoy the sometimes “unfair” and rocky road of the practice – that moment you fall out of tree pose or fart in happy baby. To find the joy even in the toxic times. It’s all good. It’s all love. LOVE is the practice.

Que viva el amor!

Largo perro vivo BLUE!




On April 13th we had our first YWA/NYC meet up! I was just in New York for the premiere of a movie where I play opposite Nicolas Cage. I stayed after the premiere to host our first ever Yoga With Adriene NYC meet up.

This was the first time that I met a large group of people who follow the channel in person. It was a true community practice and totally diverse. Like meeting long lost friends. The trip to NY was great. I got to work both my dream jobs and it felt good.

Our sweet friends over at Just Eat Life TV were there to capture it and they sent us this incredibly loving little video memory. Thank you to Jen and Leo and to everyone who came out! We hope to do many more YWA community meet ups so stay tuned!

Click here to watch the video!!! 


I’ll see you with more free yoga videos in just a couple weeks plus a sneak peek of our new product coming up in June! Thank you for all of your love towards me and Blue. This Kula ROCKS.




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