TRUE – Day 22 – Release

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Day 22 offers strength, stability, and a little dance of release.

There are a few new moves today that might feel strange at first, but through regular practice I assure you they will SERVE.

Trust me.

This special Adriene blend of Kundalini and Hatha yoga with pranayama invites you to hone in on the powerful practice of being present.

Beyond the undeniable benefits that today’s pranayama and yoga will offer, you have an opportunity today to let go of that which is no longer serving you.

It is through this practice we begin to feel more liberated.

This 20 min practice is sure to serve if you show up fully.

So, don’t be shy today.

Trust me, trust yourself, trust the the process thus far!

Give it a good go, will you?

I’ll see you there!


PS: Wondering what we shall do after Day 30? I got you! We will have a free February yoga calendar for us all to follow along with. We will stick to our practice and connect – which will bring more energy and joy into your days! Let’s keep going! x

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