The Comeback + a self renewal scavenger hunt.

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I’m committing to a weekly newsletter and as promised in my comeback letter I have created a little self renewal plan to assist you in taking a little time for self discovery this week.

It is a self renewal scavenger hunt of sorts. Follow the weekly schedule – or create your own.

Share your experience or comments down below.

Wednesday – WALK. Go for a walk. A dog walk, a walk to the corner store. A long walk on the beach, around your hood, the park, etc. Go for a nice walk – whatever you have time for. Leave your phone at home if you are feeling bold and brave.

Thursday – Try the new YWA video! Hangover Yoga. This one is great even if you are not hungover because it requires you to slow down, self reflect, connect to your sense of humor and release unwanted toxins from the body.

Friday – Gentle Morning Yoga or Energizing Morning Yoga. Drink something refreshing and nutritious. Share your drink of choice below!

Saturday – Active practice. This can be a Yoga For Weightloss, Freedom Flow, Yoga For Beginners video or attending public class. This can also be a face paced walk or a run. This also can be a Saturday night dance party. Get your heart rate up and the blood pumping today. (Heyo)

Sunday – You are what you eat. So consider what you eat today. What if the words you used to describe what you ate today are the words you were to describe yourself with? Just a little food for thought. Practice alternate nostril breathing or return back to that Hangover Yoga if you are still feeling your Saturday night dance party.

Monday – Write down a mantra. Post it to your mirror, your computer or anywhere that you will see it again. Share it with us below! Connect to the power of word and thought. Check yourself and practice conscious languaging. Such an powerful and bad-ass tool for self love, happiness and success. A great way to start the week!

Tuesday – Pick a Foundations Of Yoga video. Take your time. Study. Go deeper. Pick one that excites you! Share what you chose to work on below!

Have a great week everyone!


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