The Art Of Adaptability

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Adaptability is a strength and I think it can be an act of self love too. It is not about giving in or getting run over. Through daily yoga practice we are able to connect, calm and strengthen so that we can unlock and unleash our adaptability super powers!


Hi everyone,

I write you from a most beautiful day in Austin, TX where it is finally safe (I think) to say that the season is changing.

With that, I have noticed my body begins to react to certain allergens in the air, the light at night and I begin to crave different foods. This weather, for whatever reason, inspires me do more yoga – on and off the mat.

Through yoga practice I connect to myself – and I’m starting to really honor and recognize that through regular practice I begin to expand my consciousness


Hefty yoga lady statement.

But it is so true and I find it so fascinating.

By focusing on myself I am able to expand my consciousness way beyond what I am craving to eat and what I want to wear.

Okay, seriously Adriene, real talk:

Through a regular practice and self-study we are able to become more adaptable beings.

The more I practice – the more opportunity I have to connect to my finest truest self.  Then I begin to notice that I connect to the world with that same connect. It’s calmer, stronger and more open. I am able to go with the flow with ease.

Are you one of those people that go with the flow? Or are you just one of those people that says you go with the flow but when the flow gets F*$#+* you get lost.

I don’t intend to be mean or even strict here. I speak from experience – and of course – I’m trying to be a little funny. But really, it is so easy to say you adapt and flow with ease – but when the going gets tough the roots are frayed and the foundation is cracked, ultimately you are not able to adapt with a sense of grace or ease.

This is has been one of my personal self-study subjects as of late. I am noticing that I want to be able to adapt and go with the flow all the time – my intention is there! I am good! I swear!

But when the fart smell hits the fan – sometimes, I crash.

I hope it goes without saying that, of course, we learn from mistakes – we embrace them – we forgive ourselves and live and learn. But I want to live better. I really want to be true to myself and be true to my intention of being a highly adaptable and go with the flow person.

So – this week I invite you to focus on just that.

The Art Of Adaptability

Just like in our yoga practice, I invite you to focus not solely on the physical ways you can adapt – but on the energetic ways as well.

Yoga practice and meditation is energetic hygiene! So reap all the benefits as you embrace The Art Of Adaptability this week.

Practice Yoga daily as a way to connect to yourself and build your adaptability powers!

Notice that when you are not connecting to yourself through practice or alone time your adaptability powers may be depleted or even non-existant. You might feel fed up, impatient or agitated.

You might want to give up.

With your new adaptability powers you will be able to stick with it and go with the flow.

Walk the talk. Talk the walk.

The next time your body shows a limitation – notice how you react.

The next time your plans change or your expectations are not met  – notice how you react.

Can you stay calm, strong, creative and connected to your finest truest self?

I dare you to try.

Let’s do it!

Please share ways in which you were able to take on this dare and cultivate your powers. I welcome your approach, your experience and your struggles.

Your feedback is important and inspires.

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