Techniques: Meditate Like a Cat

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Meditate like a cat! Take a bit of advice from a cool, calm cat to help you feel happy and loved:

There’s something I really don’t understand about humans. A lot of you seem uptight, frazzled, frustrated… even angry at each other. Why can’t you be more like me?! Ya don’t see me being all pretentious, walking around on my hind legs. Relax! Get down! Meditate like a cat!

Meditate like a catSlow Down!
The only time I’m ever in a rush is when it’s fun. Either my human is waving feathers around (oh, how I love feathers),  or when acting hysterical will get me a bowl of food. Or just for the fun of chasing my sister-cat through the house. Those are fantastic reasons to hurry. I really can’t seem to think of another reason at all. There are other things that are far more preferable to rushing around. Like finding a patch of sunlight to stretch out in, relax, sleep and lick myself. I recommend you try these. Or at least some.

Know How Great You Are
I don’t bother myself wondering how great I am. I don’t wonder if I’m beautiful, accepted by society, neat and tidy, rich or healthy. I don’t stress about intangible things like bad luck or missed opportunities. I love myself just the way I am. I know I’m amazing – a gorgeous creature to behold! I deserve the best of what life has to offer.

Just Be
I live in the moment. I have no regrets, no worries, no hate. Okay, so maybe a “strong dislike” for that bath tub – but only when I’m forced into it. The rest of the time, the bath tub and I are totally cool with each other. Take time out for yourself to contemplate the world and just “be.” Try a calming chant to center yourself (I prefer “Meow” but I hear “om” is popular). You’ll feel happier and more peaceful after meditating. And If you’re like every other human on the planet, you just want to be happier!

Practice Yoga

Yoga Cat Pose
This human has the right idea!

I know a lot about stretching. It’s pretty much my specialty. I never get up without stretching first to relieve tension. My favorite yoga pose is (obviously) named the Cat Pose. Start on your hands and knees (since human hind legs are so much longer that your front legs! Whoa), round your back so that your spine curves upward and relax your head to the ground. Simple, right? I will often work in a yawn, too, but that’s a bit advanced so skip the yawn if you want. There’s another pose I’m told is quite good but it’s named after a dog (ew) so I usually skip it.

Be grateful
While you humans are rushing around, grumbling about what you don’t have and worrying about tomorrow, I am rolling on the floor with toys, cuddling in the warmth of my favorite bed, digging my nails into the couch and watching birds fly around outside. I have everything I need here and now! Take a moment to see the world from my perspective. Be grateful for what you’ve got right under your nose.

When the going gets tough, I like to find a secret spot to hide and “lick my wounds” until I feel rejuvenated. Try it! Do you have a secret spot in your garden or a cozy chair you can retreat to?

Love each otherPurr
Ok, ok, I know humans can’t purr (I think it’s pretty hilarious when you try, though). But you do laugh and that’s practically the same thing! I can see how content my human is after a good laugh. See the humor all around you, feel the happiness and laugh more often. Make other humans laugh. Spread the joy! And if laughing isn’t right, then try breathing deeply and slowly and feel what a difference that makes.

Cuddle, hug, nuzzle and love
We cats know that a good snuggle has the power to make a difficult day melt away. Nothing beats a warm spot on my human’s lap. Spread the love!


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