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In our article, The Power of Mantra, we show how using a mantra during your meditation can greatly effect your ability to remain focused and help you connect to a deeper spirit. A mantra can be as simple as “Om”, considered by many to be the most powerful mantra, or it can be a word or phrase that means something personal to you. You may take a mantra from something you hear or read or you might want to make up a mantra of your very own.

Kate Hanley of GaiamLife penned this article that describes the importance of living by your mantra in every aspect of your life and how to make the most of your mantra:

A good way to begin selecting a mantra is figure out what you’re currently struggling with, and choose something that makes that particular problem moot. For example, when I was working full-time and getting my master’s degree, I never felt I had enough time to get everything I needed to do done. So I made my mantra “Every day is a lifetime.” It helped me feel that my days were spacious instead of crammed with obligations, and reminded me that even though I was busy, each day was a gift.

5 ways to make the most of your mantra
1. Write your mantra on sticky notes and put them on anything that stands still – your computer monitor, bathroom mirror, refrigerator, daily calendar, the front door.
2. Make your mantra the greeting on your cell phone.
3. Change your screensaver to say the mantra itself or show an image that represents the mantra to you.
4. In the shower, on the bus or train, or anywhere you can sit quietly without being disturbed, close your eyes and silently repeat your mantra with every breath.
5. Or, just say it to yourself whenever you need a kick in the pants.

Similar to prayers or affirmations, repeating your mantra with intent can have a profound effect on your mind, body and spirit. It is important to have complete faith in your mantra and repeat it often.

Do you use a mantra in your meditation?

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