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Yesterday it was sunny and I took the dog for a long walk in shorts. Today it is freezing and gray. Again. My immune system is confused and hanging on and so are my plants. I am being productive but really I just want to stay in and cuddle and watch the winter olympics. At lunchtime I was craving a warm bowl of soup- so I got curious in my kitchen and made it happen.

Here is a happy healthy veggie comfort soup recipe! Perfect for a cold winter day or to provide warmth and relief to those suffering from the common cold.

I will post what I made today but the beauty of this guy is using what you have in your pantry or fridge. Turn forgotten produce into cold weather magic. I had some beautiful yukon gold potatoes and a zucchini and it started there. Just like in your yoga practice- make it your own. Not vegetarian? Use your meaty broth or bouillon whatever its called.  Add chicken and find what tastes good.

So, take a look in your fridge, make do, give thanks, waste not and cook with love.



  • In a large pot heat your oil. I used abut 4 teaspoons of oil. I’m not sure if that is a little or a lot. I “eye” a lot of stuff. I should ask my friend Hilah over at Hilah Cooking about this. I never know how much oil to start out with.
  • Heat oil on medium, then add your onions and herbs of choice. If you don’t have herbs on hand- a little salt and pepper is great.
  • Cook the onions till they are translucent and make your kitchen smell like heaven. About 5 min.
  • Add carrots and garlic. Again, witness how they almost instantly make your home smell like a magical heaven. About 2 min.
  • Add celery, then zucchini and any other on hand heartier veggies that you might be adding- like bell peppers or cabbage maybe? I also used a little bit of white cooking wine here for acidity. See, I do learn a lot from TOP CHEF. About 4 min here.
  • Now add your broth and your potatoes and any other non-hearty quick-to-cook veggies and any leafy greens like kale here. I also had some basil that needed to be used so I ribboned it and threw it in the pot as well.
  • Let the soup come to a boil then turn town your heat and let it simmer for 15-30 min. Add a little water if you like here- pending if you want a soup or a stew.
  • Salt-n-pepper to taste.

While I was making the soup I had some rice in the rice cooker. This adds to the “comfort” level of the soup, for sho.

veggie soup

If you like, scoop a little rice or quinoa into the bowl then ladle soup on top.

Or, serve with some crackers or a slice of bread  – and some lerv.



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