Season’s G-reetings

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Hello my friends,

I hope you are having an awesome day thus far.

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US and it is by far my favorite holiday! An opportunity to slow it down, gather round and give thanks.

But it is easy to forget to slow down and keep easy about the gathering part. It is also easy to miss the magical power of gratitude, if you are not careful.

This holiday also kicks off “the holiday season” with Hanukkah next – and before you know it . . . it’s a Charlie Brown Christmas.

Whether you celebrate these holidays or not I think we can all benefit from re-thinking our thinking patterns and refocusing on rituals that make us feel good. And each time the season changes it is a new and grand opportunity to do just that.

I attended a beautiful service last week for a very loving man who passed last Monday morning. At the gathering the pastor enraptured and spoke to us about certain kinds of people in this world. He suggested that there are two kinds of people in this world. Givers and Takers. The man we were gathered to respect, celebrate and remember was a giver.

This got me thinking. If I am lucky enough to lead a long, real and rich life such as this sweet man did – what will my banner read when I go? What will my story be?

Will my friends and family remember me as a giver or a taker?

Read the last sentence in a thick Texan accent for the ultimate effect.

I am always encouraging others to take time. Take time for yourself. Take time for your practice. Make it happen.

However, the art of giving is also an act of self-love. It is in the giving that we find ultimate joy and self-respect. It is in the giving that we interact and share in good things. We find a sense of humbleness and joy that is sometimes the perfect medicine for whatever ails – the perfect gift.

So, as we kick off the holiday season (or for you it may just be embracing the season) I am proposing that we keep it simple and focus on the two big G’s.

Be a Giver

Be Grateful

Set your intentions and let’s connect and support each other as we get inundated with a somewhat commercial time of year.

Let’s keep it real and try to keep it simple.

In the coming weeks, I invite you to focus on the two big G’s.

Focus on them in your yoga practice so that we can stay present with them off the mat. Cook with love and live by example. Let’s share the power of the two G’s with our children and with strangers.

Here is a video about starting a simple gratitude practice.

I invite you to share three things you are grateful for down below! 

I am so grateful for this group, for this community – I could cry.

I am grateful for my body – for the power of healing and the power of the unknown.

I am grateful for the people in my life. Past and present. All the love, bravery and realness.

Seasons Greetings to you my friends. Thank you.

With Love,

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