Samasthiti – Four Part Equal Standing

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Our first “silent” episode!

This new series is from the heart. I lost my voice this summer and have been adjusting my life and my work to vocal rest for healing. Because Chris and I met on a movie set and we both have an affinity for the silent movie era we decided to get creative and have some fun. Thus- the silent yoga series was born!
This video focuses on Samasthiti or Four Parts Equal Standing. An important and valuable tool for all standing postures where we ground down through the four corners of the feet but also draw energy up from the earth. Also valuable for all other postures- taking the essence of this balance, engagement and ease into all asana & movement. Find your yogi toes in time and feel that dual action of grounding and lifting! It takes practice but can be an empowering tool for asana and daily life. This may seem “easy” but there is more than meets the eye here. Connect inward and work from the ground up and the inside out creating a full body experience! Practicing this pose can improve your work out and the essence of your practice! *Check out our Mountain Pose video in the Foundations of Yoga Series for more on this posture!!! You can also connect this to the Sun Salutation video – beginning and ending with this posture like a baller.
A simple pose with A LOT to offer.

Less talk more walk! Reside in the silence, the breath. Find what feels good.

Practice and share your feedback with us. How would you describe the essence of Samasthiti and its benefits? Have you ever gone without speaking? Do you believe in the power of silence? Share with us down below!!!

Music by the kind and ever talented:

Shakey Graves

SONG: Chinatown

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