Russell Brand Interviews Physicist John Hagelin

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In this video, comedian and actor Russell Brand interviews renowned quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin about the science behind the Transcendental Meditation technique. Recorded at the David Lynch Foundation benefit.

The transcendental [element] is important, because it’s not about thinking, or concentrating, or contemplating, or visualizing or any kind of intention, any kind of effort. It’s about slipping beyond thought, to the experience of the source of thought, which is being. Pure subjectivity. So when that happens, the awareness which is normally sharply localized and the harder we concentrate the more sharply, narrowly focused the awareness is, starts to relax and expand and relax and expand…and then boom! Unbounded. Then you get a burst of EEG coherence, and then when that becomes stabilized, orderliness of brain function becomes colorfast. Permanent.

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