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RISE morning YOGA is here!

Earlier this year, we sent out a survey asking what your mornings were like. We asked questions about the challenges of morning time and your thoughts on morning rituals. We asked what it is that you need, crave and desire in the morning. We took all of the information, complied it and created RISE.

RISE is a invitation to a fresh morning ritual. A loving motivation. It is a direct response to the community. It is a project of mindfulness and a labor of love.

It could be seen as 7 simple videos of yoga asana or postures. But baby, it can be so much more.

RISE is an invitation to wellbeing and a warm welcoming back to you.You are not expected to have wide open spaces and lazy free time mornings for your yoga practice. We don’t anticipate that there will be zero distractions.

However, you do have to show up. Show up for yourself.

Is there anything more beautiful?

Get RISE – Morning Yoga here.

Music in this video by the beautiful and talented Henna Chou. Check her out www.leisuretourniquet.com.


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