Reiki – Ancient Art or Not?

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No, Reiki is not an ancient healing art. So what is Reiki? As most people believe, Reiki is a system of using the bodies own natural energy to reduce stress and heal. But the practice of Reiki is not ancient. It was created in Japan in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usiu. However, the good doctor’s inspiration did come from many years of study and research into ancient healing techniques, along with knowledge he believed was given to him through meditation.

Dr. Usiu created symbols and rules for moving energy in positive, useful ways. These are passed on from one person to another through specific initiation rites. The ritual, called Initiation, when performed by an ordained Reiki Master, grants the student the capacity to practice Reiki.

Unfortunately, there is no single governing certification body, and I personally have witnessed pseudo, self acclaimed “Reiki Masters” charging students for classes that no more resemble the original Reiki than a troupe of girl scouts at camp-out creating a full moon ceremony. With that said, is Reiki’s effectiveness relies more on the abilities of the practitioner than the certificates on their wall.

If you’d like to learn more about all the rites, rituals – including the Four Aspects and the Nine Elements – and beliefs established by Dr. Usiu as the original “THE USUI SYSTEM OF REIKI: USUI SHIKI RYOHO” go here.

In essence, Reiki moves energy. Does it require a specific ritual to be effective in initiating positive results in the bodies energy system? Science would say no, if it dared to form any opinion at all. Personal experience and the testimonies of thousands who have benefited from Reiki therapy would suggest that it provides a positive outcome whether the practitioner is certified from a particular school or not. Then, what is Reiki? Is it a placebo? Is it positive thinking? It is not, and you’re about to learn why.

Positive outcomes are often the norm, whether the recipient believes or not.

So perhaps we’ll never know exactly which of the unseen “energies” creates positive healing when Reiki energy is applied to a living organism. If you’re on a trek to discover new possibilities in healing your body and your life, Reiki may be a good place to start. Several great schools are available and you’ll even find a few thorough online courses.

But don’t stop there. In the hundred years since Reiki was created, many new discoveries have been made toward alternative healing with energy and consciousness.

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