Read A Comprehensive Gaiam Prosperity Print Yoga Mat Review

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gaiam prosperity print yoga mat review

It is no secret that Gaiam is a fantastic manufacturer responsible for making not only the highest quality yoga equipment, but various accessories as well. For instance, their print yoga mats collection is considered to be one of the most amazing line of products ever launched in this industry. They have managed to gain both the interest and the respect of customers all over the world and they pride themselves in always coming up with innovative and prolific ideas.

For instance, this gaiam prosperity print yoga mat review will offer you all the necessary details about this product and the line. Additionally, it will give you a few tips on how to choose the best yoga mats on the market and it will explain why a gaiam ultra sticky review is more popular than the reviews of any other brand.

Choosing A Great Yoga Mat. What To Take Into Account

gaiam prosperity print yoga mat review

Before going back to our Gaiam prosperity print mat review, you have to understand that yoga mats are not as easy as they might seem. Believe it or not, having a high quality mat can certainly influence the quality of your yoga session by improving it whereas a low quality product will make things highly uncomfortable and unpleasant. So it would be ideal if you could spot those features that make a yoga mat great.

The first thing you should be interested in is for the yoga mat to be durable and reliable. In other words, you want it to be with you for a long period of time and, most importantly, you don’t want it to tear apart when you most need it. This feature is very closely related to the brand of the mat. A high quality and renowned manufacturer will always come up with products that are able to live up to its name. If, on the other hand, you pick a no name product, you might end up using it for less than it took for it to be delivered. If you want to avoid a situation like this, you might want to stick to the brands that you know are reliable.

The second very crucial feature for a yoga mat is for it to be light and easy to carry around. If you usually practice yoga at home, not in a studio and are not much of a traveler then this feature is not that important. However, if you travel a lot and if you take yoga classes then you need to take this into account as well.

Last, but not least, in order to make sure that you have a fluid, comfortable and safe workout, you need to make sure that the mat has a non-slip surface that can provide you with the perfect traction.

Product Overview

Just like most other Gaiam prosperity print yoga mat reviews, this one also claims that there are no major functional differences between the products in this line that Gaiam has recently launched. Apart from the colors and designs the functional details and characteristics are basically the same.

It is a lightweight yoga mat that has the advantage of durability and appropriate thickness for a proper cushioning effect. The product has a no-slip surface that allows you to carry on with your yoga routine no matter how moist the workout might get.

As a regular Gaiam treat, the mat also comes with a free bonus yoga workout download suitable for every skill and experience level but most useful to beginners.


Gaiam Print Yoga Mats

As usual, one of the most impressive features of this product is just how light it is and easy to carry around. No matter if you are keen on traveling or if you need to carry the mat to a yoga salon, you can rest assured that this process is simple and very comfortable. On top of that, the yoga mat does not take up a lot of space, which is another big plus both at home and while traveling.


One of the most inconvenient things about this type of yoga mat is the fact that it is not thick enough to also be used by people who need that extra cushioning for their sore joints and articulations. As it turns out, a 3mm yoga mat is not recommended for those who are having this kind of issues.


There are actually few, if any negative things that can be said about this yoga mate. The conclusion of this Gaiam prosperity print yoga mat review is that it is a superior product, that looks and feels amazing and comfortable.

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