Rainy Sage Sunday

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I brought in the laundry outside just as it was starting to sprinkle and knew it was going to be a good day.

Blue tip toes about the house in his taps as I sweep the floors and open the windows. My Mom of course introduced me to Smudge sticks at a young age. Even smudging the room when I would get ill or catch a cold. The rain started today and I decided to change my plans and practice a little flow. Going with the flow. It feels good. I put some music on and grabbed the broom, opened the windows then lit fire to a really beautiful white sage leaf my friend Steve gave me. I danced around the house. Opening doors and windows singing along to everything from The Gourds to Deva Premal. Blue followed as he can get a little rascally when it rains or storms and well, he is a cattle dog. My Dad told me to always open a window when I sage a room- this allows for the old energy to be whisked away, a place for it to leave off to, this also allows for your house mate or partner to not think the house is burning down. It is important- and beautiful to see and feel the quality of air in the room change. It brings on waves of gratitude. The more awareness, the more gratitude. These are my same thoughts when I practice on the mat. The more I become aware the more gratitude I feel for my life and for this breath. The opening of the window during my smudging or cleansing also reminds me of the importance of the exhale. Making sure we create the action or actions that will allow the the old energy (or some might say negative energy) a place to go. To filter the air and to make space. This is empowering as well.

This week, wherever you are, open that window and embrace the exhale. Count your lucky stars, be bold with your intentions and notice how the inhale has your back.

As I wrap this up now the sun has peaked its head out and the birds are rehearsing their Busby Berkeley number outside.

photo (76)

Post Script: Off to listen to a little of this as I get ready for my friend HILAH’S Birthday Brunch!

photo (77)

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