Osho Meditation: An Introduction

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Are you curious about Osho Meditation? Many meditation techniques require you to sit still and silent. But, many of us find that difficult for an extended length of time. In contrast, Osho Meditation, in most cases, instructs you to be chaotic in your movements. We set out to find more. This introduction to Osho comes from Newbie Yoga:

This isn’t your typical style of meditation. You do not begin by calming your mind; quite the opposite in some cases. You can start off your meditation through bouncing, or babbling nonsense words or moving in an erratic way. Osho Meditation is a unique form of meditating. It uses movement, such as dance, and other dynamic events to allow energy to flow through you and to calm your mind.

Who was Osho?
Osho meditation comes from the guru Osho a.k.a Chandra Mohan Jain. He was born in Pune, India and began speaking publicly in 1951 and was a philosophy professor for Jabalpur University. He gave lectures criticizing socialism, Gandhi and various religions including Hindus. This did not make him very popular, but he had a loyal following of merchants and business owners. He began giving meditation courses in 1962. He earned the reputation as the “sex guru” after publicly calling for freer sexuality in India.

In 1970, Osho debuted Dynamic Meditation and initiated his first group of disciples. His following grew but was always opposed by various Indian groups so Osho began to look abroad for a base for his meditation and settled in Oregon, U.S.A. in 1980. He was notorious for his many Rolls Royce cars. Eventually Osho was deported back to India. He died in Pune on January 19, 1990.

What were his teachings?
Osho was an excellent public speaker and his speeches were both controversial and mesmerizing. He believed that everyone is capable of enlightenment. He spoke about the mind being a useful tool, but not allowing humans to live in the present moment. He believed in enjoying life and that the joys in life would lead us to enlightenment.

His teachings became more accepted both in India and America after his death and he has been known as one of the most “innovative thinkers” to ever have come out of India.

Read Newbie Yoga’s full article here. Want to learn how to get started or have more questions about Osho Meditation? Visit their website at www.osho.com.

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