New York: Peace Village

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A weekend retreat at Peace Village teaches simple techniques of contemplation that restores inner peace and creates more positive responses in our daily lives. The retreat includes sessions by experienced seminar leaders on personal development, spiritual wisdom, and resolving problems through reflection on higher values. Topics are varied and emphasize spiritual awareness, meditation, and the practical application of spirituality. Rest, relax, and explore the beautiful grounds nestled high in the mountains of upstate New York. There are ample areas for solitude, personal study, and walks.

You might say we are in the spiritual hospitality business, right? So, people come here for the weekends, but instead  of coming to swim or hike in the woods – although you can hike in the woods – the point of coming here is really to, for most people, get away from the day to day of their lives and to be in a community that’s really supportive of their most inner needs, inner self.

For more information or to plan your visit, see the Peace Village website.

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