Meditation Therapy: Relieving the Stress of Change

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Updated February 13, 2014.

Watch this video on Meditation Therapy for Stress and Change (9 mins)

In today’s fast paced world, we are constantly navigating change in our personal and professional lives. But how easily do we accept change? Can we adapt to changing circumstances that affect us very personally? Or do we hang on to the way things have been, or wish they could be different in the future?

When life doesn’t go the way we want, we experience stress. Meditation therapy helps us to navigate the stress of change through meditation. In this video you will learn how to be more accepting of yourself and others, and the ebb and flow of life.

Learn from an Expert on Meditation Therapy

Jyotish Novak, author of the bestselling book, How to Meditate, has been teaching meditation for over 40 years. In this video, Novak will teach you how to meditate to relieve stress.

Through Meditation Therapy for Stress and Change, you will learn how to relax, and rejuvenate both the mind and body. You’ll find yourself able to meet the inevitable challenges of everyday life with calm. Combining the power of deep meditation practice with the insights of psychology, Meditation Therapy will help you enrich your life in lasting ways.

Meditation Therapy for Stress and Change is divided into four easy-to-use sections:

Section One explains what causes stress and outlines practices and solutions that you can immediately apply in your everyday life.

Section Two uses a guided visualization that allows you to experience the essence of stress-free problem solving.

Section Three leads you to a place of profound inner stillness where you can easily and intuitively find solutions to stressful problems and situations.

Section Four teaches you a variety of practical techniques that you can use throughout each day, or whenever challenging situations arise.

You may also want to try this free guided meditation to relieve stress and anxiety, by About Meditation contributor, Rodrigo Tarrazza.

Have you ever tried meditation therapy? What worked for you?

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