Meditation for Kids: A Short Video Guide

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Updated February 14, 2014.

Wouldn’t you like to share the benefits of meditation with your children?

If you sometimes find yourself torn between finding a quiet time to meditate on you own, and spending time with your kids, here’s a way to do both.

Watch this ‘meditation for kids’ video  (2 mins):

The following guide is by Lisa Dawn Angerame.

“There is nothing more powerful than to practice meditation with your children. We teach our children to play soccer, to paint, but we should teach our children how to focus the mind. It gives them a technique to deal with stress and anxiety and things that come up that is almost inexplicable. When my son was 15 months old, we began to meditate with him in the area with us.’

Meditation for kids can go a long way. If you have older children at school, you may also want to work with your school teachers to see if they can encourage your older children to explore the benefits of meditation. Read about how one school teacher started incorporating meditation for kids at the beginning of his math classes.

What do you think of meditation for kids? Have you tried meditating with your children? Share your experience here.

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