Meditation for Diabetes Control in Nebraska

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Meditation for Diabetes: Watch the video about the Ho-Chunk Tribe’s Success. (7 mins)

The people of the Ho-Chunk tribe on the Winnibago Reservation, Nebraska, have an abnormally high rate of diabetes. Through local health programs, they are benefiting from the positive health benefits of meditation.

High blood pressure, stress and poor diet all contribute to the onset of type II diabetes. Meditation helps lower stress levels and blood pressure. In this local program it was shown to help reduce and normalize sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes.

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Do you have diabetes, or do you know someone who does. Did you know about the benefits of meditation for diabetes? You can lean more about how diabetes is being managed at the Winnibago Reservation.

Pass on the good news to your loved ones, and help them learn about the health benefits of meditation for diabetes.


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