Meditation for Anxiety: Free Guided Meditation

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Life in the 21st century is moving fast. And with it, our stress levels are increasing as we try and keep pace. It’s no surprise then that stress and anxiety are big issues for many of us. Whether we struggle emotionally or through diminished health, stress and anxiety take a toll on us all.

That’s why we are offering you guided meditations from our top teachers. These free guided meditations will help you develop inner tools to combat anxiety and stress.

Guided Meditation for Anxiety

In this guided meditation with master flautist and meditation teacher Rodrigo Tarraza, you will take a journey to the still calm center that lives in the silent depths of you and every human being.

This meditation for anxiety highlights the beautiful rhythms of the Indian Bamboo Flute. Let go, follow the flute, and melt into the liquid tones of Rodrigo’s voice. Through this meditative journey, you will discover a deep source of peace and quiet within.

If you are unsure about the power of meditation to decrease your stress and anxiety, there are countless benefits, and new research is emerging all the time that reveals the power of mindfulness meditation to counter the negative effects of stress.

Here is what you can expect from this guided meditation:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Mind expansion
  • A re-vitalized body-mind connection
  • Joy & ease of being
  • The soul-level empowerment that comes from meditation
  • The experience of time slowing down

If you have questions about meditation, you can refer to our Frequently Asked Question guide for new meditators. Or, you can read our Meditation Tips: 10 Simple Steps to Buddha Mind.

About Rodrigo Tarrazza

Rodrigo Tarraza is an internationally renowned flautist, and one of the few musicians worldwide specializing in baroque transverse flute. He studied with Barthold Kuijken at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague and has performed throughout North America, South America, and Europe as both a soloist and chamber musician. He also performs the Flute, Saxophone and EWI (Electric Wind Instrument) in the internationally acclaimed Jazz-Fusion Band, UnfulfilledDesires.

Rodrigo was a student of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen and has been practicing and teaching meditation for nearly 30 years. While in India, he studied Indian Classical Music with the greatest living master of the North Indian Bamboo Flute, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Rodrigo lectures on Spiritual Transcendence in Music through the Ages. He contributes guided meditations and meditation music for About Meditation.

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