Meditation Benefits: Can Meditation Make You Rich?

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There are a lot of amazing benefits to meditation. Here are a few meditation benefits that immediately come to mind: stress relief, relaxation, improved concentration, creativity, joy, ease of being, lower blood pressure, the list goes on. A lot of people say it can even improve your sex life.

Meditation Can Make You Rich?

But what if I were to tell you that meditation could also make you rich? Would you believe me?

Well, probably not, and for good reason. You would definitely start wondering, what’s this guy trying to sell me?

But here’s the thing. When you think of being rich, what comes to mind? You probably think of palm trees and beach houses. A job that affords you lots of money and power, beautiful cars, and beautiful friends. Or, maybe you think of not having to work every day. Most likely you’re thinking that all your cares and worries would disappear. On one level, that totally makes sense. The ideal for most of us is that being rich is like some kind of permanent vacation.

But what if that permanent vacation can’t be found in having more money and more beautiful things? What if it’s actually the opposite?

Meditation Benefits: What Money Can’t Buy

For me, I discovered at a certain point that I don’t need anything or anyone to be deeply happy. Don’t get me wrong—I love great food, beautiful clothes, and gorgeous people as much as the next person.

But I actually found out that my deepest source of joy came in the posture of meditation. In having nothing, knowing nothing, and being nobody at all. And that discovery changed everything.

I know, this probably sounds crazy, but it’s not. One thing meditation can do is introduce us to a part of ourselves that is already free, already at peace, and already perfectly fulfilled. It’s a part of us that is untouched by our desires and disappointments, our fears and our hopes.

Through meditation, we discover a part of us that is limitless, filled with space and a kind of silence that penetrates to the core. Sometimes, while I am sitting in meditation, I feel that I can sit forever and be happy. As I practice, everything falls away and all that remains is deep joy. That joy builds as I let go until it feels like I’m not really there any more. At that point, my only real desire is to disappear in the overwhelming experience of fullness and completion.

Deep meditation shows us that we are already rich beyond imagination. And it introduces us to a part of ourselves that is infinite. The more I practice, the more concrete this truth becomes in my own awareness and the more compelled I am to bring that richness into expression through everything I do.

Can meditation make you rich? Yes, but not in the way you think it can. In my experience, deep meditation teaches me that being rich will never have anything to do having more of this or that. It shows me that there is a source of joy that I can’t ever lose, that never depreciates, and that can’t be bought. It resides in the fathomless depth of each one of us.


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