Meditation at Work: Businesses Going Beyond Green

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Updated February 28, 2014.

In 2008 the Washington Business Journal awarded The Tower Companies  the “Green Company of the Year” award. Since then, this Washington DC development firm has gone beyond green—by adopting a policy of employee meditation at work. In this video, one of the Tower partners, Jeffrey Abramson, describes why the company got involved with meditation.

Meditation at Work Makes a More Productive Workforce.

In order to become a product leader, Abramson, a meditator himself for over thirty years, helped steer the company toward building a higher quality building, one more congruent with the environment. Next he directed his efforts to supporting the fabric of the culture of the company – the employees. The results of the new meditation at work program were manyfold.

If you just do what everyone else does, you will not excel, you will not differentiate, you will not become market leaders – you’ll be the same as everyone else and offer the same products.

Meditation training is part of the company’s health care program. Abramson says that by offering the meditation at work, his employees realize that this is a unique company. It’s one that cares about them, is investing in them and wants to see them succeed. People need those tools.

meditation at workCreativity is the product of the mind, the stillness of the mind. The quieter the mind, the more coherent. The more coherent, the more intuitive. The more intuitive, the more flexible.

The video proceeds to interview several top level executives in the company who explain the changes and results that have occurred in their life since making meditation a vital part of their lifestyle. Although Tower uses transcendental meditation, any technique or orientation of meditation will accomplish the same end. This is an interview not to be missed.  

Does your employer support meditation at work? Share your experience below.

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