Meditate with your Smartphone!

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With the advent of the smartphone, comes everything from games to music to apps built to help you work harder and smarter. But did you know there are fantastic apps available to help  you relax, relieve stress, cure insomnia, even meditate!?  Bob Tedeschi of The New York Times reviews some of the latest apps for iPhone and Android that focus on everything from mindfulness to binaural beats and breathing exercises:

Unless you’re listening to “Dark Side of the Moon” on your smartphone, it’s hard to see them as devices for relaxation. More often, they’re for aggressive thumb-tapping, Angry-Birding exercises.

But for every yin there is a yang. And mobile phones are no exception.

A path to a quiet mind can travel through apps dedicated to guided meditation and sleep enhancement. And fortunately, for those who need more, or better, rest, or who are inclined to still their minds for a few minutes a day, some good ones exist on all the major mobile platforms.

Check out Tedeschi’s full review here, including such iPhone and Android apps as Simply Being and Mindfulness Meditation. Do you use any apps on your smartphone to aid in meditation or relaxation?

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