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"When you feel a peaceful joy, that is when you are near truth" -Rumi

“When you feel a peaceful joy, that is when you are near truth” -Rumi

PEACEFUL JOY is my mantra for the week. It was given to me by my friend (and family ) in Washington at Grobelny Chiropractic. (PLEASE CHECK HIM OUT IF YOU ARE NEAR OLYMPIA, WA.) I will be there at the end of August and I cannot wait.

For the past 5 weeks I have been suffering from a hoarseness, a loss of voice and a pain in my chest has has turned me in every direction. I am now at peace and (very) ready to heal. But it appears that healing is indeed a process that must be respected. Just like our Yoga.

Acid Reflux or GERD is something I would have never pin pointed – but the reminder to LISTEN and LISTEN to my BODY, LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN- has been noted and is currently being digested. No pun intended. I am not in the punning mood.

Transformation is tough.

Transformation is tough and comes sometimes when we least expect it. I have changed my diet (I miss you coffee) and my eating is more mindful than ever. I miss margaritas like a crazy person and I was an unhappy mute at one of my best friends 40th birthday celebrations. But now, I think before I speak and I must ask myself is it worth the effort or strain on my box? Is there anything more worthy than investing in yourself? Also who could not benefit from a little more thought before we gawk?

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I slip into that fear mind. Its scary to lose your voice when all you do is talk all day. Its mind boggling to not be able to eat salsa or put Ms. Cholula on your tacos. It is crazy to not sing in the car or go a week without teaching at SVT. Life is empty without forward folds or downward dogs. I sound like a robot girl and I feel left out of summertime social hours. I am missing out on work. But! But each time I go to the dark side I come out so much lighter- and with help. I am learning to accept help as nourishment. I am so grateful to have such a darling family and kula of friends. I cannot wait to work, to teach, to laugh, to share, to sing and to LISTEN after this is all said and done. I am humbled and blessed to have two amazing jobs where I speak to people, in front of people. I get to make movies, commercials and plays. I get to do voiceovers for super heros and villains.  I get to share Yoga with humanity, people of all ages, from tots to Nannies and Papis. I get to teach and share and be a student of life. For a living. WHAT!? How did I get so lucky? I’m not complaining. I know this is just a small hurdle. I should be grateful, and so I choose that. I remember to (yep I am going to say it) trust the universe, the bigger picture. I welcome the gifts, I trust and I choose listen. I won’t give up!

This week I let go of frustrations and fear. F those two F’s! I encourage you to do the same! I encourage us all to connect to that quiet joy. Humility. Surrender. Calm down. Seriously, take time to slow your roll. Accept help as nourishment so you can do the same for someone else.  I encourage you to listen to your body, feel safe and be happy. Choose it and the healing will come even sooner. I will be back on the mat soon and I hope you will join me – in person or on the web. In the mean time I work on standing poses and my waterfall breath here at home and practice my mantra. Here is a picture of me after my ride at the foothills of the Andes in Mendoza Argentina with my best friends Sydney, Kris and Rodrigo. Talk about PEACEFUL JOY.

photo (84)

I welcome your comments on slowing down, acid reflux, GERD, gratitude, movies, plays, books, yoga, Washington, acupuncture and anything in between!

I’m all ears.

With Love,



PS- I would also like to give a world wide web shout out to Tony at The Neighborhood Acupuncture Project who took me in and has already shifted my mindset for healing and listening in just one week. I cannot tell you how fantastic he is and I cannot recommend the clinic in Austin, TX enough. Try acupuncture! Just do it.

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