Is Meditation Affected by What We Eat?

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You’ve probably heard the old phrase, “Garbage in, garbage out”, meaning the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input. Is this true of our results during meditation? Can we improve meditation and achieve higher results by taking better care of ourselves physically? Is meditation affected by what we eat? 

The bloggers at Master Meditation certainly think so. We are told that poor nutrition leads to an increase of toxins in our bodies that cause the mind to become sluggish. They say that if you combine the right diet with meditation, your focus will become razor sharp.

When you are careful about what you eat and drink you ascend into a state of being that you will likely be surprised about. Cleansing out toxins and the chemicals that reduce your capacity for thought yields great leaps forward. Hence the reason that monks, nuns and others doing spiritual work, manifestation, etc do fasting and cleansing. It puts them mentally, emotionally and spiritually onto a higher plane where they can access the knowledge they seek and commune on a higher level to achieving their objectives.

When you go beyond body cleansing and into ensuring you get the best nutrition possible as well you step even higher. By ensuring you get high quality nutrition you feed your physical body in a way that sees your physical system supporting greater growth of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Your diet is an important tool to refine your inner senses. Refinement helps you perceive the subtle changes that occur during your meditation.

Your general health also contributes to your proficiency in meditation, so you should be aware of what is beneficial to health and adjust your life accordingly, especially in eliminating alcohol, nicotine, and drugs. Caffeine, too, is wisely avoided, and so is sugar. Many meditators practice vegetarianism.

In summary, we must do more than meditate. We must adjust our life choices to that we can achieve the most for our minds and bodies. A healthy diet is an important step toward reaching your meditative goals. Have you changed your diet since you began meditating? Did you notice any improvements? Tell us about it using the comment box below.

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