In the Zone: How to Meditate

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We first need to learn how to meditate and then practice meditation regularly to achieve the results we want. We all know the many fantastic benefits of a daily meditation practice.

Researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia, have found that traditional meditation is far more beneficial for stressed-out workers than simple relaxation or visualization. And that’s not the only study to prove it. Growing mounds of research prove that meditation works – it relieves stress, calms the mind, helps to focus, improves your work performance, reduces pain… It’s worth making the time to do it every day!

So, how do you meditate? If you’re looking for a simple technique for beginners, try this “three sighs” exercise from The West Australian:

– Stop what you are doing and take a big breath.
– Sigh as you breathe out. Wait at the end until you need to breathe in again.
– Now sigh again, adding a yawn. This will stretch the muscles of the face and open up the throat.
– Wait even longer at the end of the second out-breath.
– Do one last gentle sigh and wait.
– Notice how different your body feels and how much your mind has calmed down, in just 30 seconds.

That’s how to meditate. Focus on your breath while practicing, and notice your thoughts but don’t be attached to them. That’s all. Focus on your breath and your body and push aside your wandering thoughts. Do this for 15 minutes, or longer, every day, and you’ll soon start feeling the many benefits of meditation.

Then come back and let us know how your life has changed since you learned how to meditate!

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