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I don’t normally post the Yoga Camp emails here on the blog (sign up for them if you want them!) But today’s seemed important to share with everyone. After all, Day 29 is what it is all about.

Hello Campers!

When thinking about responding to the request for a 30 Day Yoga Challenge I must admit I was turned off at first.

I was a bit conflicted. I didn’t want to do one.

I didn’t want to do one because most yoga challenges put a bad taste in my mouth. They confuse me, truly, and seem to have mixed messages. I blink my eyes trying to decipher how I really feel. Even when the intention seems right the practice is conflicting. The ol say one thing and do another.

I think this is true of modern yoga – now quite big in the current fitness industry. Yoga is supposed to make you feel good! It should be a practice of self-love not depleting self worth, or worse – body shaming.

After doing 30 Days Of Yoga last year it was clear that there were plenty of benefits that came out of starting the year off with a regular practice. It was clear that the 30 Day ritual was just that – a ritual, a ceremony – inspiration for regular practice and a celebration of one’s willingness to do the work.

But even so, what good is doing the work if you are still unhappy?

With Yoga Camp we ask – what is the point of a rigorous workout if you still are waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and not loving what you see?

What is the point of 50 chaturangas if you look in the mirror and don’t know who it is you see?

Who cares if you have a rocking body if your mental wellness is a hot mess!

Can we live a rich and beautiful life if we don’t love ourselves?

So I’m poppin’ the BIG question today on Day 29. 

I’ll even get down on one knee.

Do you love yourself?

“I Do”

Please enjoy your practice today. Please know that you have an admirer out there.


I am so incredibly inspired by your willingness to ask the big questions, do the work and tend to not just your physical fitness but your mental health as well. I believe this is a way to true self compassion.

After all, it’s all connected baby.

With LOVE,



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