How to Pronounce Om Properly

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Make sure you know how to pronounce om properly to achieve maximum results. The OM or AUM sound navigates chakra energy through your left (A) channel, right (U) channel and centers your energy through the center (M) channel. It helps to achieve effortless meditation state. If you ever wondered why monks or any other group of people who meditate say OM and not AUM, here is the answer.

  1. Position your mouth as you would say the vowel “U”.
  2. With your mouth position unchanged, start pronouncing AUM. This is where the throaty “O” comes from.
  3. Finish with “M” as deep humming.

Keep the mouth position unchanged until you get to the finishing M part.
Remember that if you keep you body still your mind will be more able to concentrate on your energy flowing through your left, right and center energy channels.

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