Happy Halloween Challenge!

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Together, we can!

In this week’s letter I invite my friends to a little Halloween week challenge.

The goal : To notice what scares us. To embrace our fears. To loosen our grip and hopefully float towards flying rather than crying.

What do we do: Essentially, whatever you want. But – my suggestion for the week ahead is below!

Join in the fun! Share pictures and comments with #findwhatfeelsgood – also #fyffwfg (face your fears / find what feels good)

The practice…

Face Your Fears & FWFG Crow practice – every day:

Easy Pose – to meditate. Take a couple of deep breaths. Use the awareness practice to notice your fear energy. (Whatever that means to YOU.)

Breath Of Fire – NEW EPISODE! Pranayama! Hits Wednesday!

Downward Dog – Howl at the moon. Don’t be scared.

Crow Practice – Here is the crow video – use it wisely. Listen to your body, move slow as you kick off the cobwebs and make new discoveries. Find that upward lift (lift yourself up!) and embrace the fear energy that you simply cannot control.

Lions Breath – Very scary.

Corpse Pose – RIP


Every day. Make it 5 mins or 15 min.


Love you!


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