Guided Meditation for Spiritual Growth

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This guided meditation for spiritual growth, The Magical Color Shower, has been designed as an introduction to guided meditation. You will learn breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques to clear your mind of problems and body of stress. Simply using your imagination to follow the words of this guided meditation, you are exercising your third eye and developing your psychic awareness.

The Magical Color Shower runs through the rainbow colors of the chakra system. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colors work on all levels of your being. They will assist you to:
– release all of your fear
– wash away any shame and guilt
– clear troubled emotions and confusion
– strengthen your immune system to give you greater energy and build your defenses against disease and infection
– purify your whole system – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
– open you to more love
– open you to joy
– open your spiritual connection
– find your true inner voice and have the confidence to tell the world
– stimulate your inner intuition and wisdom
– feel secure as you walk your path in peace and harmony
– feel protected as an entire being, and
– freshen your perspective on life.

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