Guatemala: Mystical Yoga Farm

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The Mystical Yoga Farm is a yoga, healing, spiritual, and mystical farming community located at the base of a volcano in Guatemala.  Here, spirituality is coupled with sustainable permaculture and Biodynamic farming techniques. It was established with the intention to be self sustained, to grow it’s food and grow yogis and healing practitioners, and to heal the earth and mankind through connection with nature, spirit, and the source of creation.

Mystical Yoga Farm Offers Teacher Training Courses
School Yoga Institute offers 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training programs regularly throughout the year. It is an immersion style training in which we teach Sadhana Yoga- The Yoga of Spiritual Practice- while giving you the opportunity to participate in conscious, self-sustaining, co-created community setting.

Apprentice Program is for individuals looking for in-depth involvement in a working spiritual community learning and experiencing mystical farming methods, yoga, healing arts, and spiritual practices. It varies in length ranging from one week to six months.

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