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Okay, Beaumont Blog and sneak peeks of my first on the road take-away episode are coming – but I got a little delayed. After a lovely yoga class I had an impromptu meeting with an owner of a yoga studio on my side of town that is the real deal. People like that inspire me to be myself and trust. I left the studio feeling as if magic was in the air and everything was as it should be. Then instead of a quick lunch I decided to make myself my favorite food, mindfully, in order to slow down and continue to enjoy the day.

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I made celebratory spring rolls as we made it to 1000 subscribers on you tube today at lunchtime.  YWA soft launched on Sept 1st and 6 months later is cooking with gas – as my mom would say! (maybe we should change “gas” to “prana?”) We are happy and healthy and ready to kick into high gear. I ate my spring rolls with so much GRATITUDE in my heart today. (Also- I made a kick-ass soy-free peanut sauce that made my heart swell with utter love.)

There is a lot on my to do list. A lot of unknowns and, of course, there are always bills to pay. But today, I am grateful. For all that has come before and for all that has yet to come- and this (sweet) moment in between.

Thank you for being apart of my journey and I am so honored to be apart of yours.

Lez rock.



PS- if you want to make spring rolls and bliss out – here is a link to a video by my good friend Hilah from Hilah Cooking!

PPS- If you want the recipe for the kick-ass soy-free peanut sauce that I just made up out of thin air then let me know and I will recount my steps and write it out for you.

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