Find What Feels Good… Retreat. Read me.

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Members of the YWA Kula are in on this already – but…

I am happy to finally announce to everyone that the first Find What Feels Good Retreat is on, like donkey kong.

This comes out of a relationship we made with the good folks at Trip Tribe. (No really, they are awesome kind souls.) They asked us if we wanted to experiment doing a retreat. We get A LOT of inquires about doing such a thing. I usually just politely pass. I get weary because I want EVERYONE to be able to do EVERYTHING! And, because I don’t really connect to (or like) a lot of yoga retreat set ups.

But the folks at Trip Tribe get me. They let me pick my place – and they were so excited to help us create not just a Yoga With Adriene retreat – but an event that encompasses the mission of Find What Feels Good. There are only 34 spots on this baby and you can hold your spot with a deposit.

Maderas Village – oh my god. An amazing conscious, stylish and diverse community – with their hearts in the right place. They are good hosts and they are letting us take over for a week. It’s just the space to bust out our first efforts to have a FWFG “retreat.” I think it will be beautiful.

So there you have it.

Free Yoga for life continues.
The membership grows.
The community keeps practicing and talking.
And now there is a retreat in the works.

No biggie!

Seriously, get excited! Or pass. It’s ALL GOOD. Stay positive. Open. Grateful. I know we are.

We have so many things coming up. So many different and diverse opportunities to grow the practice, serve others and ENJOY this precious life.



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