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Hello my dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you breathing deep and doing well.

Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos approaches here  – so I am sending out some scary good vibes.

This week I have decided to meditate on the things that scare me.

Fear of the unknown, fear of the pain in my left lower back, fear of politics, ghouls, bad guys and ebola.  Fear of failure, of fighting, of falling and foul plays.

This week I invite you to join me as we focus on our fears.

What? Where is the positivity in that? Why should I focus on the things that I’m afraid of?

I propose that we consider the things that we fear this week as a way of acknowledging them and embracing them so that perhaps (just perhaps!) we can transform them.

Also, simply to grow.

Often, if I get into an argument or a debacle it is because of some suppressed worry or fear. By not acknowledging what I am afraid of I am stunting the things that are trying to work in my favor.

Have you ever stressed out over something you knew you had no control over?

Take control of the scary stuff this week – don’t let it control you.

Oh, and of course, we will make it fun.

First, take a moment this week to sit quietly and think about any fear energy living inside. Notice if any unsettling scary vibes are clogging up your energy pathways.

You don’t even have to identify every little thing that is scaring you – just notice the fear energy.  If this is already sounding too spooky to you – remember, we are energy. Everything is energy. Clear the path so you can move forward with more ease and confidence.

This week, in an attempt for more balance, I’m taking the awareness I garner in my practice and applying it to my fears. I am going to experiment with embracing the things I fear the most – fear of the outcome, the unknown, the things I simply cannot control. I am going to loosen my grip and challenge myself to find balance between my playful open heart and me – the harrowing human worry wart.

And we are going to do some yoga poses too. Derr.

Chris and I have been working on a Crow Pose project for awhile. When it finally hits (next year) it will be great fun. But why wait? We can experiment and start now!

In the spirit of the ghoulish holiday here I am inviting us to grow in Crow this week.

Work to fly with no fear and a sense of play. Build strength and awareness and find empowerment through this week’s Face Your Fears Crow Challenge. Make it your own and connect to others. We are all energy – we are all in this together.

Note: if you are currently free of fear and afraid of nothing – you can still play.

Bakasana is a great (and challenging) pose where we can practice embracing our fears and ask the question, “What if you were not afraid?”

It is a pose that we can practice to embrace where we are today and it is a pose where we can begin to clear those energy pathways to rid the body and spirit of imbalance.

“Forget your troubles, come on get happy!”

So check out the blog for my HAPPY Halloween assignment.

As always, there are no rules – just a happy meditation/yoga practice that we can all join in. Embrace the things that scare you this week. Recognize where you are gripping tight to things you cannot control. Lets stay conscious of what story we are writing.

I love you!

No Fear. Let’s Fly.



PS: Pretty sure Chris & Hilah are having a baby today! Send good lovin’ kula vibes throughout the day! (I’m crying as I write this.) Yippee!

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