Extended Side Angle Pose

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Extended Side Angle Yoga Pose is great for all levels. I share the basics of the posture as well as variations for beginners and ideas to grow the pose! Also known as Utthita Parsvakonasana, this pose is incredible for the body and has great healing opportunities too. This yoga posture can be therapeutic for headaches, cramps, cranky backs and sciatica! Strengthens lower body and connects to core line and abdominals! Stretches the waist the shoulders and opens the chest. It kinda has it all. Pay attention to your body from the ground up – grow the pose from the foot to the crown! Begin to notice and experiment with your energetic body in this pose – and you will feel GOOD. Let me know how it goes! Stay postive! Embrace where you are today. Enjoy and honor your body with no toxic thoughts! Curiosity as an act of self love! Have fun!

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