Experience the Meditative Power of a Sedona Vortex

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Updated February 6, 2014.

Sedona, Arizona, was once named by USA Today as the most beautiful place on the planet. And it’s no secret, Sedona has a stunningly gorgeous natural landscape. However, many people flock to Sedona for it’s metaphysical properties, especially the vortexes. Vortexes are areas that have highly concentrated energies conducive to prayer, meditation and healing.

Watch this stunning video that captures the breathtaking scenery of Sedona and let yourself experience the meditative transmission: “Sacred to the native people in this area, Sedona has long been considered a place of great healing power. Energy is the term many people use to describe what they sense and feel in Sedona. There are special places where this feeling is heightened, known as vortexes.”

Experience a Sedona Vortex:

From Arizona Key Travel Magazine:

What are Vortexes?
A vortex site is a location that holds enhanced energy that’s neither electrical nor magnetic. It’s an energy field that facilitates prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and the exploration of your soul and the Divine. The explanation for vortexes lies more at the boundaries of known science, rather than in electromagnetic descriptions or gender related labels.

The PBS program Nova, featured a breakthrough in physics called “String Theory” (also known as super-strings) that is revolutionizing all of science on the same order of magnitude that Einstein’s discoveries did in the early 1900’s. The key spiritual implications of super-strings is that the world’s top scientists agree that all things exist in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. Simply stated Vortex sites are locations having energy flows in those deeper dimension that the soul can soar on.

What will you experience by visiting a Sedona vortex? Everyone is different and so are their experiences. While one person might see colors or energetic swirls, another might simply feel more supported and uplifted. A Sedona vortex has an energy flow that help you soar to higher spiritual perspectives. The vortexes enhance prayers or mediations for blending with the universe, feeling one with the Divine, or facing a problem from a soul level. You will be more successful with your meditation.

What should you do when you visit a Sedona vortex? Sitting quietly and experiencing what the site has to offer is the simplest and most direct way to interact with a vortex. Meditations, breathing exercises, ceremonies and visualizations are additional ways to experience a Sedona vortex.

 Have you ever been to a Sedona vortex? What was your experience?

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