Embracing Change: My Top New Year's Resolutions

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embracing change

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

New Years is a great time for reflecting on what’s most important, setting our intentions for the year to come, and embracing change. Today, I invite you to share your top New Year’s resolutions, and I will share mine.

2013 has been a crazy year for me full of major transitions. This September, I moved home, I changed jobs, and I left the ashram and spiritual community I have been living in for the last 15 years. Everything seemed to be humming along and then, almost overnight, everything changed. The utopian experiment I had been part of for over a decade came crashing down around me.

Now, a few months later, I am transitioning into the new year in a new home, with a new job,  making a new life with fresh visions, hopes, and dreams that are just barely budding into being.

So, in the middle of this transition, it hits me just how lucky I am.

Here are a few things I am thankful for as we move into 2014.

  • A spiritual practice that is rich and evolving and which helps me navigate all the insanity both inside and outside of me  with various degrees of ease and gratitude.
  • A feeling that my life is really just beginning and that big things are yet to come. That life is deeply good, and I have aspirations to make my own life reflect that awesome goodness.
  • A rich and joyful marriage and deep relationships with friends old and new, many of which are getting rekindled. And friends and family all around me who care about me and who care about big ideas and the direction of our small blue dot sailing through space.
  • The awesome, painful, and glorious complexity of living at this amazing time in human history when there is so much change.
  • The mysterious, unbidden, and sacred depth that opens like the grand canyon in the middle of intimate conversations, often when I least expect it.
  • The About Meditation Team and community.

Embracing Change–here are some of my top resolutions:

  • To go on a 2-week cleanse after New Years.
  • To take my spiritual practice to new depths through more independent experimentation and exploration.
  • To develop a stronger relationship with what Ken Wilber calls, “The Second Face of God” or God in the 2nd person.
  • To spend more time immersing myself in the cultural riches of the city I live in to enrich my perspective on life and culture.

2014 is going to be great, and that’s my short list coming out of the gates. What about you?


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