Eagle Pose

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Learn the foundations of Eagle Yoga Pose! This balancing posture can be challenging at first but offers a long lasting relationship of tending to yourself. Balance, twist, stretch, strengthen and stimulate! Boost focus, concentration and the lymphatic system! The eagle fixes his eye on one point with superior vision and focus.

This yoga asana connects us back to the third eye chakra – which stimulates clear vision. We practice eagle pose to aide to check in with our concentration and fix our gaze upon one point. This pose requires that you keep tending to it.

As you balance and spin multiple plates (on one leg!) and twist and bend (metaphors galore!) you hold on to your drishti or your gaze and begin to settle in. That third eye chakra of sight and intuition begins to open. The more you tend to the pose – the more likely you are to calm the mind and the clearer your vision becomes.

Go deeper! Namaste.

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