Dance of the Spirit Be With You

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Dance of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Women’s Spirituality presents the mantra below for a woman who is ready to awaken her spirituality through seven easy daily practices, including meditation. Together, these things will gently integrate a new awareness and attitude of life into the reader’s soul. The soul will learn to dance.

“Here I am, world; here I am, universe. Welcome me as I welcome myself. The time is now. The place is here. It is time for me to awaken from sleep.”

We found the lesson of the book of great value to the woman who has felt her life, to this point, my not have been her own. Unlike many lesson books, it does not try to jolt the reader to a new awareness, but instead creates a subtle rhythm that is a beautiful read, almost like poetry and definitely like a dance.

May the Spirit of the Dance be with you.

May the Spirit of Awakening touch you, that you in turn may touch one another, in your celebrations and your woundedness, in your going out and your return.

May the Spirit of Dis-Covering find you, that you in turn may find one another, in your listening and remembering, in your brokenness and your connection.

May the Spirit of Creating fashion you, that you in turn may fashion one another, in sensitivity and in gentleness, in artistry and awe.

May the Spirit of Dwelling quiet you, that you in turn may be quiet resting places for one another, in the desert and the garden, in the city and at home.

May the Spirit of Nourishing feed you, that you in turn may feed one another, in your hungers and your yearnings, in your neediness and your losses.

May the Spirit of Traditioning inspire you, that you in turn may inspire one another, as lovers and teachers, as mentors and models.

May the spirit of Transforming re-create you, that you in turn may find new life to one another, and to all of Earth’s creatures, and to the Earth itself.

Written by Maria Harris (1932-2005) who devoted her life to teaching, first as a Sister of St. Joseph in NYC. Those years nurtured her appreciation of the aesthetic dimensions of spirituality which she carried with her after leaving the seminary and throughout her life as an educator, author and speaker.

May the Spirit of the Dance be with you!

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