Costa Rica: Manu' Yoga Village

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Manu’ Yoga Village, located in lush Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica,  is a way to experience the embrace of a vibrant jungle, a natural path to your intimate self, pure rejuvenating energy, and the peaceful fulfillment of gratitude. Visit for the day for yoga, massage and dinner or choose an extended stay in one of their suites or bungalows. For more information, visit their website.

Manu’ yoga village is a place “within”, lying deep in the heart of mother heart, it will help you rediscover a sense of belonging and naturally reach your intimate self . The embrace of a vibrant jungle protects you from outer noises while releasing it’s therapeutic and purifying energy. At Manu’ Yoga village a true sense of a retreat is reveled through simple detoxification, natural freedom, awareness, and finally the fulfillment of gratitude.

Manu’ Yoga Village hosts yoga teachers from many different parts of the world. Some stay for a long period, others are just passing through. Each brings his own professional experience and a philosophical approach to Yoga. Each teacher’s purpose is to constantly variate, renew and enrich a wide range of yoga styles. So far we have hosted Hata, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa flows and interdisciplinary styles.

The platform:
Built on a height, surrounded by jungle, the yoga platform overlooks a landscape of extraordinary beauty. It is the place of silence and meditation, created to help us find an equilibrium with our inner self.

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