Chic And Useful: Gaiam Print Reversible Yoga Mat Review

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Gaiam print reversible yoga mat reviews

When it comes to yoga mats, there is no doubt that Gaiam is probably one of the most amazing manufacturers any yoga practitioner could hope for. Over the years they have managed to come up with relevant and very useful products that were incredibly well received by customers all over the world. The main purpose of this Gaiam print reversible yoga mat review is not only to offer information regarding this surprisingly amazing product but to also help you out in making the right decision when trying to pick a good yoga mat.

As you can imagine, there are plenty models and brands available out there. Any Gaiam premium yoga mat review or other Gaiam print premium reversible yoga mat reviews are more than enough to prove this. So if you want to know how to pick the right product, keep on reading the advice below!

Criteria For A Great Yoga Mat

gaiam print reversible yoga mat review

You might think like choosing the right yoga mat is not that big of a deal, but when you come to think of all the options you have to choose from, it doesn’t take long to change your mind. Just like with any other product available on the market, the yoga mats offer is very vast and it actually takes an experienced person to cut through all the low quality products and reach the ones that are worth it. That, or someone who has done all the necessary research.

So the first thing to check when getting yoga mat is the quality and features of the material it is made out of. For instance, the thickness of the material is a crucial feature, as it is the detail that decides whether or not you are getting enough cushioning during your poses. Another feature you need to pay attention to is the size of the mat. Of course, you need to take your own height into account here.

Additionally, you also need to assess just how heavy the mat is and whether or not it would become an inconvenience for you to carry it around either to the gym or when you are traveling. The ideal case would be for your yoga mat to be both light and not take up a lot of space. Last, but not least, the yoga mat you are buying needs to have a non-slip surface that guarantees that you get the perfect traction even when sweaty. This is an indicator that your poses will turn out exactly the way you want them to, no matter the conditions you are working out in.

Product Overview

Most Gaiam print reversible yoga mat reviews will put a great accent on how chic and fashionable these products really are. Although when it comes to yoga it’s not the sense of style that really matters, I have to admit that these mats really have neat and interesting designs that are meant to cheer up any routine. Apart from that, the product is lightweight and extra thick in order to ensure the proper cushioning. Moreover, it has a reversible textured sticky non - slip service that it meant to provide the user with excellent traction. The mat also comes with a free yoga workout download and it contains no phthalates.


Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats

The reversible feature of this yoga mat is certainly a big plus. It basically is like you would have two yoga mats into one. The designs are chic and fun and there is no doubt that your mat will be the main attraction at the gym. However, beyond the aesthetic advantages, most gaiam print reversible mat reviews say that its main advantage is actually the non-slip surface that allows the user to have the ideal traction. Dampness and sweat no longer have to be an issue with this type of yoga mat.


Although it is quite difficult to find negative aspects when it comes to Gaiam products, this particular mat does have one drawback. The main disadvantage is the fact that it is only available in one size. If the 68 inch X 24 inch is not suited for you then you might want to look into other similar products.


The bottom line of this Gaiam print reversible yoga mat review is quite favorable to this item, manufactured by a great company. The mat is obviously one of the most fashionable ones you could hope for and the great thing about it is that apart from being fashionable, it also has all the necessary features of a high quality product.

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