Check Out 25 Of The Best Yoga Blogs On The Net!

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Hey guys!

We just wanted to take a moment to appreciate some of the Best Yoga Blogs that are out and about on the web.

We think that you will be able to get something from each and every one of these great resources and are happy to have named them our top 25 yoga picks!

MyFreeYoga Top 25 Yoga Blogs
Yoga with Adrienne

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene has a very captivating personality and has a youtube channel with a ton of followers! Her videos are easy to follow and she includes humor in her trainings.

Allie from thejourneyjunkie

The Journey Junkie

Allie over at the JourneyJunkie has some great walkthroughs and is very thorough in her videos and her blog posts are very helpful too!

Brian from a dailycupofyoga

Daily Cup of Yoga

Brian at the DailyCupOfYoga has some awesome posts to help improve your practice, reduce pain, and to learn some meditation too. 

marianne from marianne-elliott


Marianne is a writer, instructor, human rights advocate and much more. We highly recommend popping over to her blog and checking it out.

mary catherine - marycatherinestarr

Mary Catherine Star

Mary has a very exciting blog with many different topics. She also has a youtube channel with some great yoga videos which we think are worth checking out!

lisa from howwecanheal

How We Can Heal

Lisa over at howwecanheal discusses many topics of how yoga can be beneficial to healing physical and emotional injuries. She is passionate about helping the world and her blog certainly shows that. 

Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke

Adam has been practicing Vinyasa Yoga for many years and offers courses and retreats. Along with all that experience he has some good resources on his blog about practicing. Feel free to check it out.

Gigi from gigiyogini

Gigi Yogini

Gigi is an instructor and loves doing yoga and all the benefits that come with it. One thing that struck us a great was her focus on a post about body positivity and how important it is. Check out her site for some cool stuff!

Chelsea from chelsealovesyoga

Chelsea Loves Yoga

Cheslea is a certified instructor and is doing some cool things including being featured in the Huffington Post and some yoga at the Whitehouse. Her focus is on cultivating community through yoga and it looks like it is working!

Jane from yoginifrommanila

Yogini from Manila

Jane is a certified Yin Yoga instructor from Manila who has a great blog with a holistic approach. She has some interesting articles about natural remedies and her yoga practice. 


J Brown Yoga

J has a site with a podcast and showcases some great yoga videos. He also founded Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn where he is pursuing his quiet yoga revolution as he puts it.

anna-curvy yoga

Curvy Yoga

Anna is doing something great by demonstrating that all people can do yoga or anything else for that matter regardless of size. It is refreshing to have a blog like hers which focuses on the beauty everyone has within them.

Jasmine from synergyyoga

Synergy By Jasmine

Jasmine has several certifications including holistic life training, ying yoga, core strength and more. Her blog covers topics about yoga, but also includes relationships and its impact. It is worth your time to look at. 

Rachel - Alive in the Fire

Alive in the Fire

Alive in the Fire covers the Asana practice which focuses on students learning to find a balance in life and in yoga. She also has done trainings including a 200 hour vinyasa training.

Ashley Josephine

Ashley Josephine

Ashley's blog has some great free videos and has a captivating story of how she found yoga after breaking her femur. While you're over there, feel free to sign up for her newsletter to get some great tips and info too!


Stephanie Culen

Stephanie has a mission to make people feel their best on the inside and out using a holistic approach to things. She has been featured in various publications and has some great info on her blog.

katie from parayogini

Katie Silcox Yoga

Katie has a blog about all kinds of great things like tantra, yoga, and more. She even has a book and offers some trainings. Many of her topics cover sex which are an important part of life in order to feel completely fulfilled.


Silvia Mordini

Silvia is a happiness coach, life coach, vinyasa healer and much more. She leads workshops does training and loves connecting people. She is a fascinating individual and her blog demonstrates every bit of that.


Rachel Brathen

Rachel is all about the Yoga lifestyle and her blog is too! She promotes being happy and wants everyone else to be too! You can check out her blog and follow her travels. 


The Yoga Blog

The Yoga Blog has a huge cover of topics ranging from Asana down to Relationships and truth. There is some great content there that will surely inspire you and hopefully bring you some peace too!

Esther from esthereckhart

Ekhart Yoga

Esther has built a great site and blog covering all topics of yoga from beginner to end. The blog covers a range of topics including diet, meals, yoga tips, and more. 

kate from modernhippiehabits

Modern Hippie Habits

Kait has a really neat blog with tons of cool ideas and tips on cool snacks and treats, doggies, wellness, clothes, yoga and more. You are sure to find something captivating over there! 

Rebecca at omgal

Rebecca Pacheco

Rebecca is quite a remarkable individual offering courses, retreats, videos and a book. On her blog she talks about many topics on how to stay healthy and be better including a DIY retreat.

Jill from YogaTuneUp

Yoga Tune Up

Jill at Yoga Tune Up is all about getting you back on track and helping to alleviate any existing pain you may have. You will surely learn something on her blog and maybe even reduce your stress.


Its All Yoga Baby

Roseanne over at itsabllaboutyogababy is literally all about it. She covers topics of all sorts including diversity, festivals, voting, body image and more. We are proud to have her on this list. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed all the great sites that were listed on this top blogs list. There are so many more yoga blogs out there, but if you want to follow the above we definitely think they will help grow your practice! Check them all out!

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