Career Blast: Meditate at Work

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An ever growing number of people are starting to meditate at work. One of the most stressful places you ever go is to your job. No one works as well under stress. So why not take a few minutes at work to break the stress, stop the insanity and improve your performance?

One of the primary reasons you may not be meditating is time and convenience. You just can’t find the time, the perfect place. But meditation doesn’t have to be 20, 40, 60 minutes or more in a quiet space. Nice, but not necessary. In fact, the best way to get into the meditative life is to simply take a few minutes, wherever you are, right in the middle of the most hectic part of the day. You’ll find it could be the most important few moments of your day. Lisa Dawn of Nava NYC shows you how.


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